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Stretch Forming
Stretch forming for precision and economy
When dealing with curved, parabolas and arched shapes, as common within the aerospace industry, one looks for stretch forming process innovation and experience.  Quality Forming delivers that experience and has modified and refined their stretch presses to handle your extrusion stretch needs, as well as your skin stretch needs.  Close and consistent tolerances inherent in the process are enhanced by the pride in workmanship that comes with dealing with Quality Forming. 
QFI has multiple extrusion sretch presses.Extrusion Stretch Press
Quality Forming has multiple extrusion stretch presses to serve your forming needs, and the skilled craftsman to handle them.  Each of the extrusion stretch presses is setup for quick change-over times, short lead-times, and as such, to be economical to QFI customers.  QFI's presses include the following:
  • 60 Ton A-12 Hufford Extrusion Stretch Press - 355" length
  • 20 Ton A-10 Hufford Stretch Former - 8" jaws x 210" length
QFI's HPM Skin Stretch PressSkin Stretch Press
QFI also has a skin stretch press to fill your forming needs for the fuselage or other skin needs. 

200 Ton HPM Skin Stretch Press - 120" x 150"
Further information regarding QFI's Stretch Forming machinery is available by contacting the Quality Forming Sales Department via telephone at 310-539-2855.
A large skin in front of our Skin Stretch Press The leading edge of a popular commercial aircraft wing in the industry. A skin for a select area of wing.
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